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    Default Deep splash druid 14/ 6 fighter?

    I'm trying to hash out how i want to make a druid. I want to go wolf and dps.

    I figure that means Horc for more str or helf for more sneak.

    natural fighting x3
    imp shield
    imp crit bludgeon

    -- those take up everything up to level 20 without doing a splash.

    Is it worth doing the split and picking up SD or Kensai and a handful of feats?

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    IF your plan is going wolf i cant really recommend spashing that deep,
    as you would miss out on howl of terror and snowslide.

    Perhaps a 17/2/1 druid/monk/fighter.
    You could get all the feats you have listed, plus 3 more. (such as max, power attack and cleave)
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    I'm currently working on a druid 13 / ftr 6 / wiz 1 build (13 / 2 / 1 so far), but it's a bear tank, not a wolf; wanted to go for the extra feats & SD I from ftr 6. It's probably a bad idea in the long run, but I'm committed to seeing it thru regardless. That doesn't really help you out, though...

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