Hello Sarlonians! I am trying to get a static group together simply because I know very few people in game, and I would like get to know some players more closely. If anyone is interested, please reply, and/or send me a PM.

Rules and Stipulations if you would like to join:
1) Be kind please. Not everyone is as uber as you are, please take that into consideration.
2) First life toons would be nice, but not essential.
3) I would like everyone to be around the same level when we start, so using Veteran status I/II would be ideal.
4) Your role is not set in stone until the character is made. I rolled up a level 7 Elf Pale Master to just get an idea of where she would stand with a group. If you want all PM's we can do that, anything you want we can make happen (although having a trapper/healer is always a plus)
5) Have fun with it! This is meant to be a fun thing, learning more about a class you may not have tried out before, or maybe trying your first multiclass. I am a fairly decent player and can help you out with character creation if you would like.
6) Don't be afraid to ask questions, hopefully we will get a group together that is quick to help and aid those who are new to the game.
7) Play times have obviously not been decided yet, once we get together we can work that out.
8) Having a mic would be great, but we can work around it. . .What we can not work around, and this is my only strong point, you must speak English. I appreciate and respect the non-english speaking players as many of them have very strong characters and know the game very well, but the language barrier may be to great to conquer.

Thank you for understanding and I hope you are interested. Please contact me as soon as you can, I hope to hear from you soon.