I have loaded the DDO Update 16, The Netherese Legacy, items and quest stats into the database at DDMs' Ream. Commence farming!

You can find the items here: Dungeons and Dragons Update 16 Items
As a quick note the base, or weakest, versions of all the items are a Quest Series reward and they have a Minimum Level of 23. They (ML 23 Items) can also come from the DDO U16 quests themselves. However, you can get higher level, more powerful versions of these same items by doing the quests on a higher difficulty (Hard/Elite). You will not get the higher level items as end rewards for the series.

You can find the quest info here: Dungeons and Dragons Update 16 Quests

OK, moving onto the guides and backfilling info! Let me know if you have any questions, comments, or corrections. I want to throw a shout out to Dragon.Star for all of the hard work as well as everyone else that is willing to share what you find. DDM's Realm couldn't do it without you!

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