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    Default ranged cleric Multiclass ?

    I have dusted down my elven AA and am toying with the idea of taking her to cap and then reincarnating. Thats when the idea came into my head of making some kind of a cleric based character that can snipe. My main problem though is that while I love D&D and have played various D&D games (like BG, Icewind dale etc) I am still quite an amateur when it comes to designing characters, feat progression, enhancements etc.

    In my head I see a vision, but alas I can never really get it down to the dice. This is partly why I start characters get them to around level 7 /8 and think hmmm, this didn't pan out as I thought and I ditch them and start something different.

    I know you can build a pretty decent battle clerci based on the warpriest of siberys build that Thiocan has got in his revisted post. But is it possible to get an archer priest type build or are the play styles of those 2 so diametrically opposed that you are on a hiding to nothing ?

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    I know there is a AA one around somewhere ... but my searchfu is weak

    otherwise you could try ......

    The Crazy Cleric

    or if you think you can pull it off

    The Improved Crazy Cleric

    But be warned neither build is exactly easy to play or build, you would require a sugar daddy and very thick skin at a minimum & you have to understand what you are giving up for the ranged ability (mostly mass heal & better healing & DCs). I liked both versions, but as I said you have to understand what you give up for what you get & you have to understand how they play.

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    See the Radiant Archer in my sig and wowo's take in his monkcher thread. The first thing I suggest you decide: are you primarily a caster / healer who uses a bow between spells; or primarily an archer who has a lot of spellcasting options? That's going to affect things like your primary stats, feat priorities, etc. Also have a look at my Bardcher for a bard-based AA alternative.
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    True story

    This was the first MMO I played so I wanted to be able self heal BUT still be an archer of some sort. ( Back from my pen n paper days I was always ranged of some sort ..... as it seems DDO has brought out the same traits )

    SO .. with that said the first toon I made when this game was a cleric cause I was pretty sure I was just gonna solo the entire game and I wanted to heal me.

    As it turns out I got into parties and enjoyed them BUT kept running the toon

    Now this toon was a cleric BUT was specced out to be a bow user ( didnt have AA's back in those days .... in fact 16th was the highest lvl achievable )

    The toon did well 'till I respecced her to FULL AA about 3 years ago.

    Since then I have made a FVS AA and I have to tell you this works ALOT better than the Cleric AA.

    Good luck with your toon regardless of how you make it

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