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Kinda like when someone completely understands that the guy who made the claim that casters arent so far ahead of melee in power is completely incirrect, but because its chai who pulled his card on that anyhow, you have to automatically disagree and somehow find a way to stick up for him, even though you know full well thats a foolish claim.
As I don't care to get into an argument of rehashed statements, as you have made it clear you will not back your claims with anything more than your forum name, I will merely address this point: I would not believe that ANYONE who played a caster a lot would say they never use pots truthfully.

BTW, endless mana pots argument is a strawman. I have, in three years of playing, only met a couple people with endless mana pots...and even that doesn't make up for lack of experienced play....and not being a FvS had more to do with not wanting to heal ungrateful idiots than not wanting to drink pots (I've drunk more pots since going arcane, as I try to get solo achievements now).