I try to find the tinker's goggle for my rogue and my art. According to wiki, they drop from either Bulat (rare encounter in the Cannith explorer area) or from schemes of the enemy (normal or hard). I grinded schemes (master of hounds and spider chest) for some times, both in hard and normal, ransacked the quest several time. They never dropped, but I have plenty gloves and boots. I tried to grind Bulat, but he simply never spawned so far. I use the explorer map on wiki (http://ddowiki.com/page/Map_of_House...th_Manufactury). On about 10 run, never seen him. Not once. On the other hand, I've met wrack, another rare spawn, almost every time.
Do I do something wrong ? I can't remember about Bulat, I killed him about 1year ago, when the adventure pack was released, and I dropped the goggle for my other rogue. Is there something to do to make him spawn ? Or is he incredibly rare ? Maybe wiki is wrong and he is somewhere else/wander ? Bug ? Full party needed to make him spawn ?
Any informations would be nice. Thanks.