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    Default spell crit stacking for multi-element spells

    How does spell crit from individual elements, between gear and enhancements, stack for multi-element spells, such as meteor swarm?

    Are contributions from gear and enhancements summed down their respective element first, then the greater of the two elements taken and applied? Or is the greater of the two elements from gear summed with the greater of the two elements from enhancements?

    Given this hypothetical situation, what would my effective total crit chance and crit multiplier be for meteor swarm?:
    From enhancements, I have 4% Fire crit chance, and +0.0 Fire crit multiplier.
    From enhancements, I have 8% Force crit chance, and +0.55 Force crit multiplier.
    From gear, I have 9% Fire crit chance, and +0.5 Fire crit multiplier.
    I have no arcane lore.
    If I had kinetic lore, it would not apply (right?).

    From my memory of an old wiki article (that I can't find now and may not even apply anymore), I think I would have a total of 17% crit chance (9 gear and 8 enh) and x2.55 multiplier (1.5 base + 0.5 gear + 0.55 enh). Is this right?

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    every element has his own contribution to the damage (lets say 60% fire and 40% bludgeoning/untyped )

    so the amount of spellpower u get in 1 of they will improve (as u could guess) only his part

    fire will affect to that 60% of the damage

    force will increase the other 40%

    must know that spells like meteor swarm, blade barrier, cometfall (and maybe other i dont remember) get their damage boosted with force spell power BUT NOT CRIT

    their damage (or part of the damage) is untyped/bludgeoning, so they increase with force spell power but not kinetic lore(cause kinetic lore only increases force spells, read the description in the item for being sure, it may have changed, for apply to these spells crit, kinetic lore should say untyped/bludgeoning spells, if not it won't affect theire crit)

    if u get 1 arcane lore will affect all your spells, no matter element (even untyped/bludgeoning/slashing)

    u may think "how can 1 part do crit only?" well, if u cast meteorswarm to a fire elemental u should see some damage and some immune

    immune is when the fire damage was checked, the damage u deal is done when the bludgeoning damage was checked

    so they have different checks and different crit probs

    cometfall and bb work in a different way

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    For spells that fall into the jurisdiction of multiple elements, the game uses the highest one, and each category is determined separately. For example, Ice Storm is capable of using the untyped spell power line at the same time as the cold crit lines.

    The categories are:
    Spell Power item
    Spell Power enhancement
    Crit % item
    Crit multiplier item
    Crit % enhancement
    Crit multiplier enhancement

    And yes, the math for your hypothetical situation is correct.

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