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    Default Greater Might of the Abishai (Does it give +3 Conjuration DC?)

    Hello, I'm wondering here, does Greater Might of the Abishai (5 epic pieces) set gives:

    1- +3 Conjuration DC?
    2- If it give +3 Conjuration DC, does it stack with other DC bonus from other itens (like Epic Diabolist Docent or Wizard's Ward)?

    (Please, if you have Greater Might of the Abishai set on your caster, would you test that for me? Thanks!)

    Thanks a lot for reading!

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    The set does not give DCs (anymore), it gives a bonus to caster level. So instead of casting that Acid Rain at CL 25, you now cast it at CL 28. But since it caps at 15, there is no effective change. Because it grants effective caster levels, it also increases your spell pen for conjuration spells (though pretty much all the useful conjuration spells are unaffected by spell resistance).

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