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    Default Druid's Curse - Halsaime Multiple Forms Simultaneously?

    Is this a bug, or did they change the way it works?

    I was in Druid's Curse on Heroic Casual (farming commendations). I got to the end fight, and as the fight was winding down, I ended up fighting Halsaime in both his human for and his giant dire bear form at the same time. Even after his human form died and the quest completed, I was still fighting the bear form. And it was regenerating even though none of his minions were left.

    On the run before that, in the end fight, I killed Halsaime in his human form and finished the quest before he ever got to the bear form.

    I'm assuming it's messed up, but you never know.

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    Default That Happened to me once

    Was helping a guildie with it. I didn't have the quest...that toon was one of the toons that got the bug that wouldn't allow them to pick the quest series up. We figured that was why the quest bugged out. If that isn't the reason for you, guess there is some other bug at work.

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    Perhaps it was a summons? Did it have his name above it?

    That's a really weird bug.

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    Happened to me too.. Bear seemed invulnerable/or took damage but it didn't show on the health bar after he died.

    I've bug reported it.

    Had another bug, where the quest didn't complete when he died.. Seems pretty broken right now.

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    Default Happened to me too

    During my first run, soon after the pack was released. I sent in a bug report at the time.

    Running on normal with my wiz, he transformed into both the bear and the wolf at the same time.
    All the mobs spawned at once too, after I killed some of the mobs (not all), the wolf turned back to human, killed him and got completion. Bear was still around and attacking, made getting the chest annoying.

    I didn't even realize anything was wrong until after the completion and the bear was still attacking. I just thought he somehow split into two forms (though I did think that was a lot of mobs coming at once, wasn't looking forward to running it on elite).

    I suspect that damage (dots particularly) done after the trigger for the transformation but before he changes form might be the culprit. Don't have any real proof though.

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    AFAIK, this has happened since inception on this most bugged quest chain ever. IME,
    it happens when DPS is too high. I know, right...

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