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    Lightbulb Hailbop's return

    Hello friends. I hope you're all doing well. I'm sorry I didn't have the chance to say goodbye to many of you, however, earlier this year I was at a time in my life when I simply couldn't bare gaming anymore. My entire world was upside down. Since I've been away I've managed to involve myself in many positive activities, including college, politics, even sleep! I feel healthier and happier than ever.

    My Current Situation: I miss all of you and desperately want to play with some of you again. However, I'm not sure if I want to invest in a part-time gaming experience. I've never been one to do something half-butt. Whatever I choose to involve myself in, I really want to get done. I'm considering returning to play DDO and because I love the Ghallanda community (yes, even you Rit), I'm posting on how you all feel about my return to DDO. I value everyone's feedback.

    My Transfer to Khyber: Khyber was lovely but it's not for me. There are many wonderful players there, including Nick_Robinsanchia and Cloey, however, the overall player caliber there is not that of Ghallanda. If I were to return I would transfer all of my characters back home. Exclusively!

    So here's my question. Is there any reason I should consider returning to DDO?

    Chans, I miss you immensely and the thought of you brings tears to me eyes. Butters and Sam, I love you both. Goki and Miscarlett, you were both amazing teachers to me, and your patience taught me life lesson which have enriched me as a human being. Tale and Trisk, your friendship is truly missed. Roq, your leadership skills have made a lasting impression on my life, and your dedication to law school while actively leading a successful guild is an inspiration. Farshot, your perseverance in guild matters never went unnoticed. Ela, will you marry me? Coldest, Gunga and Drakius, I have one thing to say to you -- [text edited by user]! Stormshade, the LFM is your friend. Mattysix-style trade shows in open channel will not be tolerated!
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