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    Default New Perma Death Guild on Ghallanda

    Are you new to the DDO scene? Looking for a new challenge, maybe? Sick of zerging masses, piking ninjas and surprise afk'ers? Then maybe Road to Perdition is for you!

    We are a new Perma Death guild on Ghallanda for players of all levels of experience. We will be happy to teach you how to play the game in a slightly different way. Our way isn't the only way, obviously but it is an interesting one. One where death actually has a penalty besides a repair bill. Instead of posting all of our rules here, we have a website available at Guild Portal. Thank you for your time.

    PS.. If you need to get a hold of me in game, you can mail Festicles, Kaysyn, Rattatat or Festcallsme
    Festicles the Enchanter-- 16/Wizard, Ghallanda
    Festcallsme Tim-- 8/monk. Ghallanda
    Hogglesworth Festson-- 7/Fighter, Ghallanda

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    Plz advertise your guild here: Official Permadeath Guilds Listing

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    You should make Ghosts of Perdition a mandatory quest somehow. That'd really cull the herd!

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