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    Default Test Request: primal avatar's tsunami

    Right now I'm looking into a build for my arti that's built around melee dps and spellcasting. Sort of like an arcane fvs with nuking capabilities and a bastard sword.

    The reason I'm interested in tsunami is that unlike other ED spells the devs decided to give it full metamagic capabilities. This might not sound like much, but it's basically a free 225 spellpower that has no additional SP cost. While the damage isn't looking to be as good as energy burst, it's not SP efficient and it doesn't appear to aoe properly, it does have better range, the possibility of knocking down enemies and (if they fix it) a decent aoe. Also, it works off a fortitude save so if you can fins some way of reducing enemy fort saves (like with imp sunder) you could probably make it land more often.

    Could someone check if heighten spell or enlarge spell are doing anything to boost the spell's DC or aoe redius?

    P.S. as far as I'm concerned the lack of additional SP with epic spells from using metamagics isn't a bug and seems to be an intended effect. I've checked with all of DI's spells and all of the ones that allow for quicken spell aren't taking any extra SP. I believe Varg even has a quote somewhere mentioning that the free addition of Empower Healing to Cocoon was an intended effect so I don't see any reason why this would be different.
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    Default Tsunami

    Except I think it's bugged atm,

    I'd also like to know what does Heighten Magic do to Tsunami.

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