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Thanks for the replies. Now I need help applying this to my build.

Like I said I am 12/2 wiz/rogue. I have 32 Int right now at level 14, from a +3 tome, 2 from enhancements, 1 from Human whatever, and a +5 int item. I'm pretty sure that's all of it.

What is a reasonable maximum EVEN intelligence that I should be shooting for as 18 wiz/2 rog? I know at level 20 I will get 2 Int in Lich form, I wil 2 more Int from free stat increases at 16 and 20 I believe. Right now I have access (if I want it) to Wizard Intelligence 3, but I don't know if it goes higher than that at upper levels. Right now I can buy a +6 Int item if I wanted to, but I don't know how much higher the + stat items go.

So I know of 6 more Int available by level 20 right there. Is that pretty much going to be the highest I can go, or should I be shooting for another 2 or more Int somewhere else?

Class enhancement bonus goes up to +3 that's all.

On items:
enhancement bonuses go up to +8
insightful bonuses go up to +3 and stack with the other types
exceptional bonuses are +1 and stack with the other types
An item called litany of the dead gives profane +1 bonus that stacks with the other types

Tomes go up to +5
There is a guild buff that can add +2
There are Yugoloth potions that give +2

Reasonable depends on what you have access to... adv. packs, plat and TP all come into play here. I would say bare minimum sustainable would be a +7 item and a +3 tome and +2 from guild buffs (even if you have to ask for invites) If you have The Shroud raid you can craft a +2 insightful/+1 exceptional int weapon too. If you have TP or a fortune in plat you can buy a +4 tome maybe.