Hello Khyber,

Fawngate will be continuing her raid trains again.

Time: Noon, Sunday November 18, 2012 Pacific Time
Want to know when that is:
when that link strikes noon we start up.
Log in 15 minutes before then and look for Fawngate or Noes

Place: Khyber

How to apply: reserve a spot here, or send Fawngate a PM during the raid.
She will write down your name and which raids you prefer.


Fawn is like Peter Pan, she does not want to grow up.
Hence this is a G rated raid.
Please no adult language or crude off humor.
Not judging others, this is just how Fawn is and I roleplay her as such.

Fawn does not want you to auction off your raid loot.
It takes too much time.
Hence no trading of bound loot of any sort FOR unbound loot of any sort.

If you pull something, do as you please with it.
If you put it up for roll, specify what dice to roll, high roll will win.
Person putting it up for roll may specify who they will exclude from winning as it is their item.
Absolutely no fake rolling on items.
If you don't want it, don't roll.
This is to speed you the looting process.
No ranting cause you didn't get something you wanted.
This is a fun raid train.

Fawn does not care whether you drink or not as long as you watch your language.
Wine is good as pain killer when my father had cancer or to get rid of possible colds.

Although Fawn wears rose colored glasses, her friends are very smart and quickly recognize raid smashers.
If you deliberately plan to cause a raid to fail, go elsewhere.
My friends will recognize your name.
Fawn chooses her raids well, knows what the group can do and is clever enough to figure out ways to save a raid.
All you will end up doing is getting blacklisted by a bunch of people that you might want to raid with someday.
What good can crashing a raid do for you any way?
There is no loot or xp in it.
Go play Guild Wars II if you feel that way or take a vacation.

Fawn may TR at any time, leaving you to lead your own raids.
(Although atm she plans to stay at epic levels)
It is selfish to pick on her regarding that matter.
Doing so repeatedly will get you squelched.
Humor regarding her many TRs is fine, you how to act.

Additional explanations:

There will be breaks for family, quick snacks, and other necessities.
It is possible I will go afk to help my mom who is elderly and needs assistance at times.

This will be a raid train, doing as many different raids as possible one right after another.
They will be done at the most popular difficulty with an eye for success.
Fawngate has raid bypass timers, so she can repeat popular raids as the group desires.

These do become popular, so Fawn apologizes ahead of time if there is not room for you.

So possible raids:

Shroud Hard
Reavers Elite if desired by group
Demon Queen 1 Epic Hard ; Demon Queen 2 Epic Hard ; Quick heroic DQ
Von 5 epic hard ; Von 6 epic hard
TOD difficutly normal or hard depending on group
Chrono Epic Hard depending on group
Vison of Detruction Hard
Cannith Raids normal or hard depending on group
Hound normal or hard depending on group
Caught in the Web