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    Default New Quest Detour.....

    has just reached first place in my book on most boring and lazy design quests.

    What has happened to the old DDO quest developers?
    Anyone else feels that since MotU the quests feel...very different? And not for the good.

    U15 already had very very bad Quest design especially the first 2 where the first one was just a copy of the Werewolf Quest of U14 with different mobs....and the second more of the same.

    Now i was hoping of interesting Quests in U16...but no......more of the same boring straight forward Quests.

    Detour has reached the peak of this new quests. Not only is it again straight forward with optionals that arent really optional...but it looks the same everywhere all enemy encounters feel the same and this makes it an even longer boring quest.
    (At least the other ones are short boring quests)
    The Final Quest End of the road has at least an interesting end fight and end location.

    Anyway...thats just my opinion..and im glad i dont have to pay for the game anymore.....

    Where are the Quest designers of Spinner of Shadows?Gianthold?Menechtarun?Reavers Refuge?
    I fear they left the game....
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    I personally like these quests better then update 15s. Update 15s was basically the same two quests repeated over and over and the quests themselves were not that interesting. They did not really capture the theme (sort of a nature theme) of the update very well. These quests are similiar to quests in the last two updates, but I feel there is a nice twist and feel to the quests. Not the devs best work, but nevertheless decent and enjoyable.

    Deteour and the end of the road quest are similiar in concept and structure, but they do capture the feel of fighting your way through mobs on a road to the end structures which are both interesting.

    The Stay in the Inn quest is similiar to outbreak and murder by night, but I like the courtyard fight and then how the structure is a square where mobs come out of the doors to fight you and then the encounteer in the lower level with storage boxes is a nice twist as is climbing the ladder and moving up. The story with the rings etc. is fun.

    The lost in swamp quest is similiar to the update 15 quests Thorn and Paw and Druid Curse, but the mobs are a better mix. I like the waterfall, center lake, and underground cavern with pillars for a feel for a quest. Just a better quest then the update 15s I think.

    The Stay at the Inn resembles the Lost Thread, but is more of a castle and it really feels like a castle. Nice traps, the underwater egress for the chest, the one shadow on top does have too many hit points, but that is a nice encounter, this really feels like a keep.
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    While Detour isn't the most mentally taxing quest ever I agree, to me it does have a 'dungeons and dragons' feel to it that some quests are lacking, and I did enjoy doing it. But I think the other four quests were a great deal more fun, and also had that feel that's been missing in some of Turbine's translations from PNP to real time video game experiences.
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    Agreed. detour is probably my least favorite quest in the pack, but its still better than all of U15... combined :P U15 sucked lol cause it was rushed. detour isnt too bad, I enjoy running it even though it's boring at times given its simple zerg/kill format. the other quests in the pack are great.
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    So far I like the new quests. Done them all once and a couple twice, some normal, some hard.

    The Detour one I thought wasn't bad as a running the gauntlet sort of thing. I thought they did a good job of setting up the ambushes as even when you know they are there they are often hard to spot.

    In some of the ambushes you see archers on higher ground, just how I would set up an ambush

    And the dossiers at the start I found a nice touch and made the named fights a little more interesting ('oh no not again' lol).

    The first time through I read them all carefully and at the end fight was ready for Dom's swap-a-roos with Slam.

    The castle one (Rest stop?) I enjoyed as well, it had a D&D ruined castle crawl feel about it. The dialog was interesting and tied in with the events (ie: the party of adventures that went missing ..)

    I won't go into the rest but I liked all of these and think Turbine did a good job on them. However, they didn't do a good job of proof reading the dialogs and such, there are quite a few errors.

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    I like detour. Its an outside quest, which I wish there more of. Its quite a challenge on EE, too. The other quest are better. They are all simple, but I never liked puzzle quest. I think its a nice change, and feel is great.
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