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    Default Fix flagging on Threnal quests

    I end up wasting a lot of time when I re-run Threnal and forget to tell Sal the quest giver to reset the chain. Then, after going through the Eastern and Western quests, I find I cannot get into the Southern Excavation. Then I have to run the Eastern and Western Excavations AGAIN! Either remove the requirement to reset the entire quest, or provide a reminder that you need to reset or you will not be able to get into the Southern Excavation.
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    Not to be a noodge, but but I'd suggest avoiding the use of the word "fix" for situation were there is not something actually broken, but instead where you are suggesting design improvements.

    Not that your goal here isn't valid, and many have groused about just that issue over the years, it is just that I am sure design changes and fixes are handled very differently.
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