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Thread: Duo EN CiTw.

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    Default Duo EN CiTw.

    Guildie and I got bored decided to give the raid a try. Spur of the moment thing really.

    We aimed to complete the quest at a decent time, no pot usage, complete all optionals, no EIN, no Reentry. Pretty much i had to rely on Cannix brute force to get this done. Mostly ended up using BBs for the small spiders to get aggro of him while beating Lloth.

    Only thing we really missed out on is the 1 chest cause we had Anna bug out towards the end when she fell off. Waited for 20mins for her to get back to the beginning but she wouldnt budge, after killing ourselves several times trying to talk to her...we finally got it done.

    The pics below doesnt show it being completed...but as u can see we are clearly at the end and everything is checked in...we just couldnt complete it yet cause we had ppl come in for the free loot. Overall it was fun and 2hrs40mins i think is fairly decent for 2 ppl. I couldnt take a pic of the completed XP report cause some ppl broke and killed stuff in the way. So wasnt worth the SS. EH 3 Man should be coming up shortly.

    30+ SF Pots Drank
    200 Scrolls Used
    10 GH pots used each
    20+ Everlasting Haste

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    Congratulations. I haven't actually run the raid yet but that looks like a great achievement Well done

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