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    Default This is what we pay for?

    This is Alysssa, most ppl on sarlona know me, but ive been quiet on the forums. (I hate the world wide web) but anyway i wont be silent anymore.

    I tried the new content, u16, with a guildie, knowing that is rouge-centric, i took my level 25 atificer w/ draconic incarnation 5. Quest went fine. im looking at my bars, and all my ED stuff is greyed out. recalled, swapped destinies and swapped back. shut down client and relogged to clear lag. came back, same thing. submitted bug report.

    *name removed* thanks me for my input, cuts and pasted to me the same tired diatribe, and quickly exits. not helping at all. he wants me to go use the bug tracker on the forums. Publicity is the best bug tracker i know.

    They didnt help me. they didnt even try. they cut and pasted a prefab customer service pacifier and they hid behind thier wall of obscurity. and so i say again: I PAY FOR THIS? my artificers rune arm and alchemical repeater trail behind her like the most colorful duncan yoyo to ever be invented, abbot is the biggest lagfest ive ever seen, and the ppl to whom we pay money to keep us satisfied are too busy to even say hello? they just cut and paste crowd pleasers?

    you ppl have so much to answer for that i cant even begin to make the point. but we can start somewhere. Im starting here. Im starting with *name removed* im using this incident to point out whats wrong with everything in this system. Ppl pay for this so if youre gonna stuff garbage down our throats at least be inventive about it.
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