cheers everyone! a couple of the crew and i have been wanting to run thru the whole game again and thought it would be fun to form a static party to do so. If anyone happens to be interested, please reply here and/or send me an email to . I'll try my best to remember to check this forum often. were just looking for solid players to dedicate at least a few hours, one or two nights a week. we'd prefer mature players as 2 of us are old and the youngest is 20, but all, of course, are welcome to apply. we will all be starting at level 1 with fresh toons. Have yet to decide if we will use BTA gear or if we will just use found gear, to make it more challenging. I'm sure once we fill the ranks we can discuss it further. Thanx for at least reading this. see ya round

- raalph
(Nohgrim~Gornstrom~Yllandrya~Grimlokh~Threzzdn~Aeo lrosyn)