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    Default StrongMug Dwarven RP Clan Khyber

    The StrongMug Clan is looking for new dwarf's for a semi-role playing guild. This is a semi-role playing guild looking for something different and fun to play. Her are the three main rules for entry into the guild:

    1. Obviously you must be a dwarf.
    2. Your first name must be some what dwarvish i.e. no Peterpan StrongMugs allowed.
    3. As this is a semi-roleplaying guild you must act dwarfish in nature i.e no wearing pretty thing to make you look pretty, dwarfs arn't pretty and they never will be .
    4. If you want to use the StrongMug sir name you are more than welcome but not required. You are encouraged to use it if creating a new character.

    Any one joining is more than welcome to use the sir name StrongMug on exsisting or new charcters.

    Here is a link to the web site to sign up or you can send GrimmBar or Kiliessia(Matriarch) a tell/mail or any of the characters in my signature or sign up here or pm me here.

    This is a new guild from the bottom up meant to be fun and a distraction from all the humdrum of all the repeatabilty of the game so if your not into this don't apply. That being said i hope at some time we can have a very large clan of dwarf's all with the same last name in a group photo having a Mug on DDO .
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