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    Default Thank you SO MUCH for the shared bank upgrades!

    As I have previously said over a year ago I'll always buy more shared bank slots the day they come out at full price.

    I bought both upgrades. Just now. I love them. Sell me more!!

    Actually wait a bit, I have been hoarding my TP for a while, saving and waiting for this day

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    Without that post I wouldn't even had noticed it ... so I second that thank you

    ... now I just wait to be able to buy personal bank space for BtC items too
    * We have collectable bags, hell even hireling folders, but can I have that 6-pack for my potions please?
    * Having already a past life on the dieng EU servers, I rerolled here and started from scratch as I like the game and the community, so lets see what awaits me here

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    Yeah, thanks OP and to Turbine - I didn't even look at the price, just bought both upgrades.

    And don't wait so long to put the next next 20, or 40, or 100 slots on sale - I'll buy them all. No such thing as "too much" bank space in this game
    Quote Originally Posted by Ertay View Post
    While they were at it though, the devs decided to go on an incredible nerfhammer rampage and left nothing in their wake standing...

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    A hearty thanks for the shared bank upgrade.

    Was very excited when I saw that the were coming. Bought both already, also.

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