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    Smile Merfolk should be Introduced to DDO

    Hi Everyone.

    What's life like under the Sea? People like me consider that Mermaids and Mermen are actually really cool. They should be introduced to Dungeon and Dragons Online in a new quest chain out in the Stormreach Harbor, they should also be playable races too. I had recently found out that they do exist in D&D games, so come on Merfolk fans, lets bring these creatures into DDO and make them playable races because that will be so neat.

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    What's a fire? and why does it
    what's the word? ... burn?
    When's it my turn?
    Wouldn't I love,
    love to explore that shore up above?
    Out of the sea,
    wish I could be...
    part of that world.

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    Yeah, racial bonus of +10 to swim, and free underwater breathing!!!!!!!! It is so powerful that it would never fly-- way too overpowered.

    This reminds me of a hilarious build I saw once of a "lifeguard cleric", who spent all his feats and skills to improve his swimming abilities.

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    I don't see how it would be a viable player race. i think there are several other races that will (and should) come first. but it would be cool to have some more totally underwater quests like Deeps that include interacting with mermaids and stuff.

    Merfolks blessing ftw! :P
    that lifeguard build is hilarious
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