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    Default The music for update 16 is all wrong!

    The music for update 16 is really wrong. It doesn't have any sort of fantasy theme to it at all.

    I feel like I should be playing a platforming game, chasing after some sort of brightly colored spinning animal.

    It's not bad music. If I was playing a different game I'd probably enjoy it. But not for DDO.

    Just one player's feedback.

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    I'm putting the music of Update 16 in the category of "mixed bag".

    There are several tunes I don't mind (the outdoors non-combat and combat themes), some I don't like much (Rest Stop, too many of the notes are louder than they need to be for the rest of the composition), and a couple I really enjoy (Lost in the Swamp along with the Swamp Medusa's Lair convey a proper mix of sorrow, danger, and wi****lness. They are also great to listen to without any context).

    The way the percussion was used for most of the music, I'll agree, doesn't completely lend itself to the setting.

    However, I do like the little homage they put in to the old Marketplace Tent music. If you listen to the musicians near the Harper quest givers, you can hear a couple of the percussive tracks from the Marketplace Tent music.
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    I've never been a huge fan of any of the DDO music. It's just a preference thing I guess. I keep a variety of music on hand to play if I want fantasy music I enjoy more. Dungeons and Dragons Tactics for all it's faults has an amazing soundtrack. I can't get enough of that one. Turbine should look into whoever did the music for that game and give them a call.
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    No comment about u16 music. I just played Sinister Storage last night and the guitars at the start are just awesome.

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