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    Default Druid wild form attack bonus question

    Hi there, sorry if this has been answered elsewhere but my search skills failed dismally. (I tried searching for 'druid' and it returned nothing???)

    Anyway - on the Inventory screen under the Details flyout at the bottom there is a field 'Bonus' for each weapon and/or shield you're holding. I assumed this was effectively your attack bonus?

    The basic maths works for me in dwarven form:
    8th level druid BaB 6, Strength bonus 6 (str=22), Goggles of battle skill +2. Therefore 6+6+2=14
    Stack a weapon/shield plus on top:
    +1 scimitar 14+1=15
    Swap to a +3 sickle 14+3=17
    +3 Shield in off hand shows 14+3=17 bonus for both weapons

    HOWEVER - when I change to animal form via wildshape (Dire bear for all examples) the basic maths all goes wrong, so what am I missing?

    +1 scimitar/+3 shield combo shows 15/17 bonus as a dwarf BUT shows 16/18 as a dire bear. ie. adds 1 to each. Not a huge drama but I would like to know where the extra 1 come from as nothing else relevant (including BaB) shows as changing.

    Really confusing - Wildshaping to dire bear while the +3 weapon/+3 shield combo equipped:
    the displayed 'bonus' goes from 17/17 to 20/20? ie. adds 3 to each (as opposed to 1 when a +1 weapon was equipped, remembering the +3 for the weapon was already included before wildshaping)??
    Is this somehow doubling the weapon bonus? And even then, why would the bonus for EXACTLY the same shield go up by 1 when I wildshape holding a +1 weapon but by 3 when i'm holding a +3 weapon?

    What first illustrated this was that as a bear with a +1 weapon my attack bonus is 16 but with a +3 weapon it goes up by an extra 4 to 20?

    Also, when I equip 2 weapons (no 2 weapon feats) eg. +3 sickle, +3 dagger - as a dwarf it shows +13/+9 (correct) but as a bear it shows +20/+20!

    Any advice wouldn be greatly appreciated as i'm confused!

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    While in animal form, you only use your primary weapon (with lots of limitations). Basically you can't 2wf in animal form.

    As far as damage calculations in animal form. I'm as lost as you. I basically stay in wolf form and use my best 1h weapon with prefix/suffix* and let the game figure out all of the math. You can try but last I checked Druid wasn't updated. I'll make a quick check after post to see if I can find anything more specific. If I do, I'll share, otherwise someone else will have to enlighten both of us on animal form damage calculations.

    *Currently that is a Seeker (+2)/Lacerating. Think the enchantment on it is +1 but not sure if that matters in animal form.

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    yep, definitely not 2wf, that was just an experiment to see what the numbers would say.

    The damage calculation isn;t so much of an issue, I'm trying to work out exactly how the attack bonus (to hit, the old THAC0 ) is worked out in wild form.

    Currently it looks like a weapon with a +1 attack bonus shows as +2 and a +3 shows as +6! (& that's completely ignoring the bizzare off hand bonus numbers, if they mean anything at all)

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