Hi my name is Kelly My toon is a level 25 air savant almost all ed capped named kellyssss i have been playing for about four years and have bought all the packs. For some reason i have only done demon queen raid twice and both times with very fast groups who did not really explain anything just running around and talking about fish this scorpion that bat whatever. I would love to learn the raid inside and out both parts i dont even know the way there in the sands as i am 1 explorer short of unlocking map. I am a very capable sorcerer with self healing capabilities due to twist of fate i have the maxed healing spring and am built for whatever is needed or can swap gear accordingly. Any patient peolpe out there on khyber who wants to run and explain i can pay plat for time if need be or if ur on timer and wanna help (as i will return the favour someday) I also got raid timer hourglass things so ill give ya one and we run it. Thank you to any and all who respond or send me a tell in game im on between the hours of 1 pm est to midnight or later eastern time. Look forward to hearing from you .