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    Default Off-hand weapon effects applying to main-hand weapon (or both weapons)

    Today I acquired Celestia, Brightest Star of Day. I noticed that using it off-hand it still seemed to make Fiery Detonation and Greater Sunburst quite often. To confirm I tried using it off-hand with a throwing weapon. It does indeed still work, here is my shuriken sunbursting:

    And fiery detonating:

    There are a few questions I have which someone may have an answer to:
    1. Does anyone know of a list of these type of off-hand (or other equipment slot) effects that apply to either just your main-hand weapon or to whatever weapons you have equipped?
    2. Do Greater Sunburst and Fiery Detonation apply to just your main-hand (as in I believe Stunning +10 and double-strike) or to both your main-hand and off-hand (as in Eternal Fire)? I can probably test these depending on the combat log order, though perhaps someone knows.
    3. Does Greater Sunburst stack, i.e. if I were to wield Celestia in my main-hand another Greater Sunburst weapon in my off-hand, would Greater Sunburst happen twice as often?

    On a related note, I tested and Fiery Detonation does not stack with itself:

    It does however stack with Freezing Gale:

    So if you're making two alchemical weapons, you should make sure they have different tier III properties.

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    I know things like seeker, stunning, and vertigo are supposed to work for both hands when equipped in an off-hand, but I've never seen damage effects like that trigger from and off-hand weapon on a main hand attack. Curious to see the replies. Because that's pretty cool.

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    Hope it is not a bug.

    Most things do not work on both weapons, but a few things that can also appear on worn items do.

    Seeker, Backstabbing, and the buff to stunning blow DCs from weps of Stunning does.

    I kinda like that there are new options.
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    Default Toxic applies from off-hand too

    I found another affix which applies from the off-hand: Toxic.

    Here is a picture of my shuriken generating a toxic cloud:

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