Hi there, I'm Scar. I am the leader and co-founder of Obsidian Dragons here on Cannith. At one point in time, I had the pleasure to run one of the most elite raiding guilds on the server, setting server, and even world, record speed raid times, and being known to be one of the most successful/efficient guilds around. After myself and the other founders decided to take an extended hiatus from the game to play SWTOR, I arrange for a guild merger that would allow my guildies who would still be playing the game to continue to have the ability to raid and have a consistent player base to group with. Consequently, when I returned to the game a few months back, the guild community had taken quite an interesting turn, where there were no raiding guilds left, only a few of the old ones whom had shifted to a focus on tr'ing. Since then, only one guild has become an actual raiding guild here on Cannith. And because I am a a capitalist at heart (among other reasons), I'd love to start building back up what I once had and hopefully improve the server as a whole with some friendly competition.

So, I would like to find some individuals who would like to join me in rebuilding. I am looking for anyone who wants to run endgame content effectively and efficiently on a consistent basis, whether you do it now or not. I'm looking for those people who feel that this server has stagnated and are ready to do something about it. I am willing to show someone the ropes and teach newcomers more about the game if they have the drive to be a part of the elite players on the server. I want to find people that make this game more fun to play, because it really is the people that make an MMO. So, if you might want to be a part of this, please contact me, either in game or here on the forums. Help me make this a better game for all of us.