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    Default Mid-Level EU Guild looking for recruits.

    Hey Cannith,
    I've been running a small guild on the Cannith server for about two years now and it's getting a little lonesome with just me and my mate. We're currently sitting at Level 42, so no ship buffs aren't a premium we enjoy. However, the main thing that I want to achieve out of this is to gather a few more players together that are in the same time-zone so that we can all make levelling a little more enjoyable.
    Between my friend and I, we basically cover all aspects of the game; from raiding to crafting. We both have TRs, multiple toons across the entire level span and own most of the packs (and MoTU). Whilst I appreciate our low guild level will not seem attractive to many people, I do hope that the offer of EU time zone does entice a few players.
    We both log on every day for a few hours, but there is no compulsion for members to do the same. I will only kick a member if they have been inactive for two months. If anyone has any interest in joining us, please drop me a private message and we'll take it from there. Thanks very much ^^.

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    Aren't guild recruitment threads supposed to be on the Cannith Guilds page?
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