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    Cool Looking to join an active group

    There's 2 of us. She has many toons, I have 2 playable toons. We are both VIP's with all access. She normally plays healers, I'm usually a ranged combat rogue type. We're usually on every night, but this is her busy time of year. She's in Cali, I'm in Chi. We play evenings. If you want any other info, contacy Kreemy Nougat in game either by tell or mail.

    Thanks for the interest!
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    She's very welcome!
    You're not.

    (Sorry, I just had to)
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    hit me up online, name is Corsenn. Level 72 guild os always looking for more active players. Or hit up any officers in Blood Lust

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    Are the two of you looking to join a guild, or just looking for other toons to
    quest with? Also, levels of you two would be handy.

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