So after spending quite a bit of time away from DDO (working, trying not to play games, and then trying out other games) I've come to the conclusion that all games near-present and future are bad and will continue to be bad. Although it is important to make money, virtually all game developers now have little to no standards or quality control. So I've returned to DDO. If I'm going to be plagued by bugs, I might as well pick a game with the best character customization, a lot of replayability and the best combat.

How are pugs doing? I hope the server population hasn't dropped too much since I have to rely on pugs for anything I can't do myself. Crossing my fingers lfms don't take hours to fill.

It seems I have a lot of work to do. Characters to drag to 25. A TR to drag back to 20. Others that I really should TR. Hirelings to hire and then get killed. And raid loot from raids that hopefully still get ran from time to time. Have any good raids completely fallen into oblivion?