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    Question Which Quest for This Item?

    I'm looking for a quest where I can get either a +1 or +3 Heart of Wood. Are there any quests that give these as either end rewards or chest rewards? I already enter every lottery for them but never win so I figured I'd have to earn one. Thanks for reading and I appreciate any responses given!
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    Random Drops. No particular quest gives them as a reward
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    It is luck of the draw whether you get one or not.. there is no specific quest/area to grind... They can drop anywhere ie quests and Rare chests in the wilderness areas.
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    Looted hearts are unbound so you can farm for items that you can sell for a pretty penny and then buy one off of the AH or just directly trade for one, that would be the "fastest" way of farming for a heart.

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    They can drop in any chest in any quest/region that has loot in it.

    Meaning Wizard king first chest holds only a quest related seal. You'll never get wood out of that.
    The quest also holds a down below a quest related item:seal in a chest to dismiss the efreet. You'll never get wood out of that one either.

    However, any other chest in the quest you have a chance at it.

    edit: looks like I had said that you'd get both out of the same Wiz King chest. You don't, so wanted to clarify.
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    If you're specifically looking to loot one out of a chest, you will need a massive amount of luck. They can drop pretty much anywhere but the drop rate is so low, you're most definitely better off leveling to 20, then farming challenges and other epic quests for epic tokens to trade for a True Druidic Heart of Wood, then true reincarnate to whatever class you're looking for. It would actually be faster that way. I say that so you understand how rare the item is. I've been playing on average 3 hours a day since the store was added and have never looted one.

    Now if you're willing to pay or trade for it, you could get one reasonably fast through the trade forum and channels if you're willing to give up what's necessary for it.

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    I've looted an unbound heart of wood once ever... That puts me ahead of most other people.
    You'd be better off farming favor and buy one from the store than trying to get one to drop from a chest.

    They do however drop from any chest, check out this thread
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