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    You know you could've told us before doing that lag test squeak
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    "10,000" that is alot of jell-o I got stuck up in the tree above Elminster still did not get any hand wraps Oh well better luck next round LOL just go easy on the jell-o

    The last character i was on when the server crashed the vendors in the square and purple dragon night vendor and the quest givers for the demon web are no longer there on all my other character's every thing is there as it should be.
    after running the u-13 quest and the rift still they are not there anyone else have this problem??
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    This comment made me think of...

    Quote Originally Posted by SqueakofDoom View Post
    Sounds like the perfect time to have a Gelatinous Cube Pool Party!

    Although hopefully there's also no poo in your 'L'.
    I don't have a zerging problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SqueakofDoom View Post
    I apologize for the undue amount of lag! I accidentally created 10,000 gelatinous cube pet certificates instead of 100. For some reason, the server doesn’t like that! x_O

    I was able to log back on, so at least the server didn’t completely crash.
    Ok SqueakofBolton
    Things that if Turbine went all EXTREME PREJUDICE™ on, would actually make the game fun again.:
    • Giving us the racial PrE’s we were promised, before rolling out DDOStore™ Enhancement Trees.
    • One loot system to rule them all. (Including Cannith Crafting, and Named Loot.)
    • Fixing the Cannith Challenges so that they can be 6 starred without incredible luck or store bought items.
    • Adjusting Challenge XP so that they're worth running more than once.

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    Hey Sqeakofdoom can you please put some portable holes in the AH it would be appreciated very much.
    William L. DeAemond

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    Default another event

    so perhaps squeak you can hold another event during the downtime tomorrow?

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