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    Default Alternative form of PVP

    *Hides behind shield with displacement and invis since I am making a suggestion to improve PvP - need to find myself one of those new orbs too

    Anyway, why not have a player vs player mode which is a tower defense/hero line wars(if anyone has ever played it) style setup.

    What I mean is you have a raid party enter the 'pvp quest' and then teams are allocated as you are in the titan raid, and the two teams enter their respective areas, then both teams must pull levers to start the round, when the rounds every 30 seconds/60 seconds monsters spawn.

    Each team must defend their 'base' which will get attack by mobs by killing the monsters. You can build towers at various locations to defend your base with various towers and upgrades (similar to the challenge defenses), the upgrades can have slow/stun effects etc. similar to typical tower defense games.

    You an also purchase buffs and special spawns for the next round of spawns using the 'tokens' you earn from killing monsters, monsters killed by your towers only earn 25% tokens.

    Would be a fun way to spend time when not questing.
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    All PvP in this game is held on the forums
    Quote Originally Posted by Originally Posted by Random Person #2 View Post
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vellrad View Post
    All PvP in this game is held on the forums
    SO true !!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xezrak View Post
    *Hides behind shield with displacement and invis since I am making a suggestion to improve PvP ....

    You're posting in the PvP subforum. You're safe. ...For now.

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    Let me try to understand...

    You're suggesting a PvE challenge like where two teams of player compete with each other for the best kill count ?
    Spawns being triggered by the other party.
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