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    Default 2 Man at lvl Elite Reavers Fate

    These days you see a lot of groups that don't want to run Reaver at lvl. The Reaver does have alot more HP nowadays, yet its still possible to have a decent run with much less then a full party.

    I'm sure others have done it recently, but it felt worthy of a post

    Thanks to Minari for forcing me to run this!
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    Wow, nice one! A druid and.. wizard i suppose?
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    Wow, nice one! A druid and.. wizard i suppose?
    Hmm - shadowy form, glowing eyes, purple aura, lots of death spells on the tool bar, being healed by negative energy - I'm guessing rogue. :-)

    Grats guys - good job.

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    Congratulations. I was trying and trying to solo this a while back but gave up after the Disintegrate aiming change.

    I managed the 175k HP & Madstone Attraction version solo at level 20 (WF Sorc) and the 175k HP, no Madstone Attraction version solo at 16 (Human Pale Master) but haven't had any luck with the present version (175k HP, Madstone Attraction, un-sidesteppable Disintegrate).

    More people need to see this achievement so more people run the raid at bravery level, especially now that (IMO) all of the non-melee loot is completely obsolete and so it's really an XP only run for most toons.
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