Hi, I was reading the other threads about trap parts and what is the best way to farm them. I saw a few. Nice. Really concise on how to farm mechanical trap and elemental trap parts. There isn't really a guide to get magical trap parts, and it annoys me. I need magical trap parts for web spell traps.

Force I moderately need. But to get those I figured just to farm gywlans on elite alot or Undermine on casual (My arti is level is 14). Just to ask: does your level nerf the chances of trap parts? I know the higher level you are the higher your chances but are the chances of getting parts from traps nerfed after a certain level? Like 4 levels above the quest level? Like doing a level 3 quest as a level 12 art to farm parts. Is it nerfed? Any other variables that affect the chances of getting parts would be appreciated.

But I am seriously lacking in magical parts and it irks me. I need quests where the parts are relatively close in the beginning. Such as force traps in Gwylans stand. I read that there are magical traps in Relic of a Sovereign Past but it says that they are at the end.

Also just please end off your post with your trapper/arti level or level and disable device without boost (enhancements and googles etc are fine)if pure class and what quests you farm for what parts.