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    Smile DDOGamer: 1500 Motes of Night per hour

    I'm not sure this is a good farming rate, I imagine there are some that are much better.

    But it was good enough for DDOGamer

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    No, its not good.
    For a lvl20 Cleric its the worst rate ive ever heard.
    As 20clrc the mote from drought alone should be 1000+.
    With Drops and Drought you should be somewhere around 3000-5000+ per hour.
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    I read the article, and given the way you wrote it (good... not GREAT drops); it is _good_. Anyone who's not figured out the techniques in farming the area (lvl 20 and below bands, of course) could still find this a starter article helpful and improve from there.

    Melee monk can get between 2k and 2.5k even after paying for the potion with motes, but that's really bearing down and not stopping except for the occasional turn-in. You divine ppl could obviously do much better than that.

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    Anybody have a guide for scales?

    I had few troubles with the quest (a poor show the last run, but it was pretty empty by then), but it seemed to open so rarely to make me not bother. I have something like 6k motes and no more scales.

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