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I'm not sure what the CHA numbers are. Tuney is a Bard who invested into CHA. But I did have a friend who did take the marks on a CHA dumped fighter and almost never got his blessings to work. I would say for a 'decent' chance would be around 26 or so. I'm at 38 and almost never see a fail.
Thanks Tuney.

I went ahead and respecced last night. In my first cut I was at 26. I saw about a 65 percent success rate in an Elite Deal and the Demon ransack cycle and about a 75 percent success rate in a half dozen Matron and End Farm of Rusted Blades Hard.

I grabbed more gear after the session, so I'll see what a 30 does tonight. With a 26 I was able to to every chest we tried last night. The only time I ran out of blesses was when my ship buffs ran out, so I agree with you that 26 is a reasonable chance, and is right on the edge. Small sample size, but 24 seemed to be too low.