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    Default Atn devs. Major problem on orien with groupng.

    Dear devs, groups on orien are stuck.

    Were getting the message 'cant join leave/modify a group while someone is teleporting' I know of atleast 3 groups stuck this way. logging onto different chars does not fix the issue.

    We dont know how to solve this one for ourselves. The game broke - essentialy unplayable as we cant group up, and some folks are stuck with their group.

    I have tried the folowing:
    logging a different char.
    entering quest and summoning hire (hire appears but does not join group)

    Tickets put in. awaiting responces.
    Please fix asap. thankyou.
    Ex Euro player from devourer: Charaters on orien(Officer of Under Estimated & Nightfox): Wrothgar, Cobolt, Shadeweaver, TheMetal, Metaphysical, Allfred, Razortusk and many more.
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    Orien and Cannith are completely broken.

    ETA on fix: Unknown

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    Maybe they can do us all a favor and STOP doing maintenance on our servers.

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