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    Default OrderoftheZenPhoenix open recruiting!

    Order of the ZenPhoenix (level 55 guild) has reopened for recruiting after a year and a half. Currently, we have 210 ACTIVE english speaking accounts with more than half the guild logging in daily, a medium airship with 18 buffs and alters/shrines and broadcast gameplay at

    The Edenlaw name has been known to DDO for more than seven and a half years and created “Order of the ZenPhoenix”! Leader and officers are on DAILY for the most part and loosely organize raids and quest lines. Also, currently working on a custom website.


    Acceptance is open to most English speaking level six or higher toons (and any level alts) from casual players to hardcore multi TR grinders of all ages that can log every week or two. We have no desire to be the biggest guild on the server, just the most fun and ACTIVE! Oh and before I forget, talking smack in guild chat is not only encouraged, but graded..

    PlanX, the guild crafter with levels of 140,140,140 has crafted many items for fellow guildies free of charge and many officers run bare skinned elite raids (no armor, docents, robes, or shields).

    If you use voice chat more often than not, quest, loot, raid more than you pvp and NO drama..come share the fun!

    To request admittance to the Order of the ZenPhoenix, your first toon MUST be level 6 or higher then you my bring in ANY level alts. Simply contact Oogieboogie via in game mail, tell, or PM me here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AshtaEdenlaw View Post
    We have 100+ ACTIVE members on the Ghallanda server
    You've lost 138 active members since September 20?

    I think it's time for you to head to Korthos with a net again.
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    Default Updated

    Updated for open recruiting
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    Default Living up to our name!

    The Order Rises from almost-ashes!

    New leadership, lots of new members and growing fast!
    Renown is going strong. Level 64 and rising!

    This is a very relaxed guild with helpful players and a nice mix of play styles.
    Come join the fun and the camaraderie!


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