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    Default FYI - Thelanis Mabar 16-20 Instance 4 is borked.

    Just a warning: Thelanis 16-20 instance #4 is borked - the "too low level" message you are receiving is not SOLELY due to a low level being around you (if you see one, however, yah it is ).

    I was off by myself in various spots, and that instance IS spawning too low level mobs even if noone else is around.

    Just switch instances and you won't have to deal with it.

    MAYBE this can cut down on the complaining in general chat about it?

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    I have the same experience, and not only at the higher level-ranges. As of now when I enter a lvl-range, I always switch instance after the first kill. Yesterday I even tried a lvl 2 toon at the lowest range. Out of five entries on one I got "too low level"-message. I think many are not aware of this and when they get the "too low level" once too often they switch to a higher range. I'm not sure that the spawns are too low level.... It might be that the characters level are read wrong or something like that.

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    Instance #1 for lvls 12-17 is borked half of the time also.....
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    When running my level 7 cleric I built just for Mabar (max charisma, buff those turns as much as possible), I actually had to move into the 8-13 level range just to get mobs that didn't give me the too low level message. In the instance lower (I believe 4-8), 90% of mobs were telling me they were too low level to give me any reward.

    Was rather sad that I had to move into the 8-13 to receive a reward, when by doing so I lower the chance of higher level characters in the 8-13 from getting a reward
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