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    Default Mabar Group Drop Distribution

    The grind nature of Mabar makes the distribution of ritual items when in group that much more annoying. I discovered quickly that when I'm pugging in a group that I get almost no drops whatsoever, despite how much stuff I'm killing. However, when I solo on my cleric and am turning undead everything and mobs are dying around me, the items pile up fast. So that was great to find out, because I was almost ready to bag the whole thing.

    Now my problem is when a friend logs on and wants to group with me and run Mabar. Because, my friend is a barbarian who can't kill anything fast in Mabar, constantly needs healing, etc. And with the group distribution set up, it seems that more than half of the drops go to him. So, instead of having a pile of cursed fingerbones, I have almost nothing to show for my effort. And I'm not heartless enough to tell him that I need to solo the stuff because he's not contributing enough and I'm wasting my time grinding because I'm not getting enough drops. SO, I'll have to start setting myself to anonymous I guess so he won't know I'm online. (At least, I hope that works, as I've never actually used the anonymous setting before.)
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    The drops are messed up, the spawns are messed up.

    I think it is because the area is not big enough to sum it all up and to look at the big picture, We are too crowded and need space to collect drops.

    The Grave yard is just too small to handle this event.

    Otherwise I like it.
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    Hope he doesn't read the forums.

    I play a barb lvl 8 in Mabar and do better than any other character I've been in a party with. Likewise, I discovered soloing produced better results and now I get around 1k motes an hour with a drought. It is very possible for a barb to solo in there if well geared.

    I don't know the level of your barb friend but making a good Cannith crafted maul (with Holy & Undead Bane) mixed with Power Attack and any enhancements that add to PA and damage with a 2H weapon (half-orc) will help him get to the sweet spot of being able to one-hit-kill the skellies and should allow him to kill the others before they can hurt him. Other crafted gear such as Protection, Str, Con, and Resistance will help as well.

    The trick will be that he needs to be away from you so he's not trying to kill what you are turning. But he needs to be close enough for a heal.

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