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    Question Guild Website

    Hi, I want to setup my guild website. I know about them and I know they are free. But I checked it out long ago. Since then, I lost and then regained leadership of my guild. I googled them the other day and I see numerous prospective sites. However I do not know which websites everybody else uses. I've narrowed it down to numerous sites being
    * they look promising as they have advertised support for DDO

    Out of those which are the best to use? And also which provides the best compatibility and usability for DDO? If my memory serves me correct, I think the one that I was attracted to at first was These findings of attaction were based on the look of their home page.

    Please post any others that you find/use.
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    I like this thread,it breaks the monotony of my day.
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    Kobold make a wonderful satisfying crunch sound when killed; you can't kill just one.

    Vampires scream ranks up there with kobold crunch for satisfying slays.

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