Turbine might change this, or they might not. They might think the overall picture is important, but they really don't care one bit about individual players.

It take a few keystrokes to restore vanished huge ingredient bags, [dual shard] greensteel items, or to TR and fix a broken build. It doesn't happen. It NEVER happens. These are well known, long term problems. Turbine policy is to introduce new bugs and just let players crushed by customer indifference to go away (the pay-in-advance system known as premium makes this all the sweeter for Turbine's bean counters).

All MMO players know that sooner or later the servers will be turned off and all their characters will be lost. DDO players know that sooner or later they will need customer service, and they will receive Turbine's Elite Epic Fail responses, of "no. It would just take a few bits flipped, but we don't care enough. Go away."

If you want a game that has the slightest bit of interest in keeping you as a customer, run away now. Turbine's customer contempt is legendary.