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    Default join my guild its called necromancy elites the bloodlust

    hi names join my guild called necromancy elites the bloodlust the first few ppl ill promote to officer u will also have power to recriut do what u want help guild advance be respectful of others

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    Default looking for a guild

    I'm looking to join a guild. I started one just so I could use some of the equipment I've aquired, but I'll readily disband it for an invite to an actual guild. Character name is Malkav Arkham, a 10th lvl wizard (Pale Master I).


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    There's a few things you're missing that would drastically increase any interest people might show in your guild.

    1: Which server are you on?
    2: What is your guild's style/aims (casual, raiding, etc).
    3: What are your rules?

    Also, WolfgangAmodeus, again with looking for a guild, it's useful to know what server you are on, and a little about you and what you are looking for from a guild.

    Hope this helps.
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