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    Question Threneal and Sorrowdusk favor

    Someone explain it to me.

    House Kundarak set expedition to Sorrowdusk and is looking for help there. Silver Flame is also interested, as there is evil cult out there. We help them, and earn favor with House Deneith.

    House Kundarak and House Deneith joined forces to set expedition to ruins of Threneal. We are saving House Kundarak miners, then House Deneith Mercenaries, and earn favor with House Phiarlan.

    Did I miss something here?

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    For me:
    Threnal is easy to explain. House Phiarlan is the house in charge. They have merely hired contractors
    for the mining (House K) and mercenaries for the exploring (House D). So, you're really helping the folks
    that House P contracted with to perform their dirty work.

    Sorrowdusk is a bit more iffy (imo). As house D is the greatest military power, they are grateful to adventurers
    for going there and cleaning out the temple because now they don't have to send an expedition.
    They already have their hands full with all the other threats to stormreach.

    Just a lil rationalization for those going for immersion.

    What bugs me is the lighthouse quest issued by Dalsamira Coudry. That one even says in the description
    that your working for the Twelve. (I know, the quest came out before the 12 were a favor option but it still
    should have been changed from coinlord favor to the 12).
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