As you all [should] know, Hurricane Sandy has devastated the Northeast. It's a very somber situation. An estimated $50 billion of damage and, even more importantly, nearly 100 deaths.

A very dear member of Templar, Cannith's own Hellcloud, has been made part of the death tally. He lived in New Jersey. How do I know he has passed for certain, you might ask? Well, you see, I have kept in touch with Hellcloud's sister over the years. She is the one whom informed me and she is quite broken up about it. As am I. As we all should be.

So I ask this thread be made to commemorate the very unique Hellcloud in all his glory. Nobody can try to take away his blunt and over-the-top "humor". Even though he disregarded other people's feelings and opinions. That is not to say he was insensitive, but he was certainly a major piece of the Templar puzzle. Without him, it just wouldn't have been the same. So, we raise our mugs of Ghallanda Distillate to you Hellcloud.

I would also ask that you to pray for his family as well as the other victims of this tragic event.