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    Exclamation My constructive feedback on the new Store Heal Scrolls

    Hi this is a post with some points I have thought about on my opinions, feedback, and future solutions about the new upcoming U16 heal scrolls to be sold in the DDO store. Well, here it is:

    This post is not intended to be a rant, it is actually meant to be my honest feedback, thoughts, and solution to this addition.

    First of all the pricing. Its way way WAY too much. No one in their right (or in this case, even wrong mind) is going to pay 175tp for 10x heal scrolls. I would be surprised if a single set of these scrolls sold after the update, unless it was a misclick of the buyer or misunderstanding of the item. If you were to keep these in the store (which I do not recommend). They would have to be cheaper on a magnitude of at least 5-10x.

    Secondly the item does not really make much sense, as it is barely an upgrade to the already existing fairly inexpensive heal scrolls which can be and will continue to be used in mass quantities. This new item does not compete nor is it even a convenience to buy because people looking for convenience will not be looking for scrolls, but potions because everyone can use them.

    I have noticed a trend of people wanting more self sufficient healing options though, so I think there is a solution out there that can adresss this issue by making people happy with an in game option, as well as making some money for Turbine.

    Suggestion: Add in a different version of the Silverflame Healing Potion to the vendor for an even greater cost (around 600-800 plat each possibly?) that heals 100 hp (just like the lesser silver flame potion) except without the -10 stat / abilities. That way the more economic option still stays at using the old silver flame potions with the penalty while this version remains an option as well. I am sure if these potions existed, it would also be a huge plat sink and plat gain incentive (something the game really needs, as plat is really only ''used'' to buy scrolls). Also these items would be very easy to implement. Virtually all of the code for the already existing silver flame potions could be used, just take away the part that gives the stat/ability debuff ,rename them, and that's about it. If these potions make sense to be added to a different favor or reward tier then silver flame, that works too, as long as they exist.

    Then because turbine has to monetize somehow through the store, put in the greater version of these potions that heal 250 hp (just like the greater silver flame healing potions) again without the -10 stat / ability penalty and without the movement speed penalty. (and not price them at something like 10 potions for 175 points, I would guess 100 potions would be a fair price @ around 175 points - if you want repeat customers for items like these [like you do with sp store pots] you do not want people feeling like they are getting scammed - you want them to feel like they are getting a good deal).

    This gives everyone more options and still will make turbine decent money selling while addressing the issue.

    I know people would rather not like the more powerful version of these in the store, but even having 100hp non penalty potions (that will and are affected by healing amp) opens up huge possibilities for new builds and addresses the issue while people who are willing to dump tons of money turbines way can have their fun too.

    Sorry do not want to seem rude, just trying to help out with my honest feedback. Thanks anyone who reads this (if any).
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