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    Default equipment thoughts

    Greetings fellow shooters

    I wanted to get some ideas for gearing my level 12 Arti shooter. Ill be at level 12 for a while as its a 36pnt'er and

    would like some ideas for gearing. Its a WF and Ill layout what im currently using and hope some have ideas on alternatives.

    This is only my 2nd WF is so many years and Im just not savvy with some available options out there, thanks in



    Updated 1/22/13 with current equipment. Thanks all!

    Head- Minos ( Im not convinced theres much better out there at this level but willing to hear alternatives.)

    Googles- ConcOp- like the UMD bonus so this is probably not going// Actually this is wrong, its not conc op its the wisdom 6 with sp bumps so...may remake eventually.

    Necklace- Constitution +6

    Trinket- SP Ioun stone or BStone

    Body- Flesh Shapers Docent

    Cloak- Napkin

    Bracers: Bracers of Wind level 12, love the electric damage and blurry helps. Never have been convinced howlers worth the spot over blurry and electric lore.

    Ring LH - Dex +6 item

    Ring RH- Ring of Stalker

    Boots- GS HP item with Slay living guard

    Belt- Greater false life

    Repeaters- mainly i use W/P for most trash..well most everything unless undead or other smiters, banishers ect.
    Note: with noted changes coming to improved cursespewing being a quasi dot for us shooters i looted a tasty one but its ML16 so ...probably great timing for update 17 being released soonish

    Also looking for ideas on dps repeaters if youve any thoughts as I never bothered crafting a GS and likely wont due to available loot gen items post Level 20.
    update: still open for ideas on repeaters but im def goin be picking up double cross for 16.

    Again, thanks for the insights and time.
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    A few suggestions from my own experience. I appreciate you may not have them, and that they may be worse for you they were for me due to different setups.

    Cloak: Mantle of the Worldshaper from Threnal as near-permanent (only swapping to use the fire shield clickie from cloak of ice) to make sure you're always getting +5% xp.

    For level 13 onward (since for level 12 I truly can't think of anything excitingly different):

    Body: I have no idea for WF. From memory I used a blademark's docent long past the time it was beneficial on my one WF life.

    Gloves: Dex slot, ideally Spectral Gloves from Offering of Blood

    Ring 1: Stalker (try and get an ML 16 tier 3 with masterful craftsmanship to make it level 14 if you can stomach the grind)

    Ring 2: Cannith Crafted +6 Int of Persuasion (Masterful Craftsmanship) if you can. Else just a plain int +6 lootgen.

    Belt: Greater False Life item. Far from essential and I personally don't use a Con +6 or False life item until 18.

    Trinket: I can't remember what level an Attack Bonus +4 crafted trinket is. If that's not available, Voice of the Master for the skills and saves, or any of your current options are fine.

    Necklace: Con. Ideally one day you'll want the Torc for subsequent TRs.

    Rune Arm: Tira's Splendour (with Masterful Craftsmanship) from Garamol in the Subterraene until 15 when you swap to Glorious Obscenity from the Reign of Madness chain. I personally really like the Chill of Winter rune arm from Tor from level 11 onward, since it's brutal on Fire Eles and Fire Giants.

    Bracers: Wind Howler Bracer's from Blockade Buster (it's a specific chest, but I can't remember which). Really, really good; I'm 99% sure the description lies both in terms of average damage (always 50-60 I think) and there being a save.

    Dps Repeaters:

    Yeah I don't know. I think Rad II GS is OP through heroic levels, but can see why you don't want to bother with a GS apart from Triple Pos eventually these days.

    Cannith crafted a Holy of Bleeding is reasonable. I think you can make a +5 Holy of Bleeding with Masterful Craftsmaship that can be used at level 13. Keep scouring the AH for stronger dps options whenever you're in town though. Holy/Voltaic/other 2d6 prefixes of Greater Good shouldn't have too crazy a min level.

    When you hit 16, the Doublecross Bow from Spinner of Shadows (worth farming just for this x-bow) is unreasonably strong and will beat every other contender on enemies not immune to sleep or poison.

    When you hit epics, get something of Radiance. It's stupid good on trash. At that point you'll also want to try and find a way to slot in Sneak Attack +4 or 5 somewhere.

    For bosses I don't know. I'm yet to see a really awesome Dynamo x-bow (or Tempestuous, but I've seen exactly 2 items with Tempestuous ever) but I'm sure they're out there. An epic Hellfire X-Bow isn't too hard to make these days and is reasonable dps for non-fire immune things.

    If you're serious about artificer you probably should also start the Web of Chaos chain grind to make an epic Silver Slinger and epic Doublecross Bow. My hot tip is to run EN Servants rather than EN Lords of Dust since I swear servants drops more of both seals and shards.

    Lastly, if you're thinking this may be your final life, I'd consider your final gear setup. Conc-Opp Goggles may truly be an optimal location, but consider that Tharne's are a solid option for that slot, and Goggles are one of only 3 slots (Helm, Goggles and Rings) that lootgen Clever +8 items can appear in.
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    one of the most important decision imo is deciding which rune arm type you plan on using. For me, that's pretty much what I build my entire character around. For example, you list bracers of the wind on your equipment sheet so I assume you're using some sort of electric rune arm. If you plan on building your enhancements and equipment around electric rune-arm damage then I'd suggest getting flicker, disciplinator and toven's hammer as soon as they become available. If, however, you decide to use shot-type rune-arms then I'd suggest boosting your acid or force spell power to maximize your damage there. You can probably garner proficient use of two elemental damages by lvl 20 but at 12 it really helps to focus on one.

    Get a banishing and smiting repeater asap and either a hand of tombs rune arm or disruption repeater. They're enormously useful when you get to vale of twilight/sands/vault if you're not there already. If you are, they make running it even easier.

    While I don't really like using goggles as a GS slot, you can make it work for now. Personally I don't really see any reason to use belt slot for greater false life (that's where I've got my conc op GS slotted) since you can get that on an epic yellow/green slot later or put on the symbiont from the lord of eyes chain (drops in asylum I think?) but you won't be using it til lvl 15. Cloak slot? Can be just about anything right now really. That mabar cloak is pretty nice though, gives you deathblock and a couple other niceties like nightmare guard.

    Bracers? definitely go wind-howler as the above poster said unless you're looking to max out spell damage. It really depends on whether your crossbow is missing more often than you'd like and you feel it needs a buff. Otherwise, rune-arm damage is essential and a main priority.

    One possibility is swapping out your gloves, helm and one ring slot for the diplomatic impunity chain set. That gives you a +2 to hit and damage. Then you can put moderate/heavy fort on a docent. You lose 20 hp from toughness but really hp shouldn't be a trouble at your level.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lazlow View Post
    Body- Random Cannith crafted business and probably need something better but im clueless to whats out there for WF
    Gorgon Docent. I know, ML 8. Still awesome because of earth guard and armor-based +con. I don't know which body type you have, but if you went on composite, AC is not one of your main problems, so you go for utility. And very few things at this level range are better than Gorgon Docent.

    What is better? Tor dragon armor (ML 14, almost there), Docent of Defiance for the hidden effect, and Titanic Docent if you have Adamantine Body (or swap in for the clickie).

    Blademark's Docent is awesome at level 5, but I switch it out at 8 for Gorgon, and never look back.
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    Default some good ideas

    Those are some fine ideas all.

    I totally forgot about the gorgon docent...actually my defenders wearing them ha!

    One thing, about the howler bracers are you all certain of their bonuses applying correctly? My last arti life i used them and for the life of me i could never see any bonus applied either to hit or damange. I did see the crit proc's at times but the to hit and damange bonuses never showed. However this was previous to the addidtion to show effects deal so its possible i was doubling up on these bonuses. I ll try again next level and see.

    One last question, I liked the frozen tunic proc's from my flesh life is there a similar docent out there?


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    I wore the Sora kell set from level 11 to 18 on my first life WF pure artificer. It might not be optimal but it did the job and solved the spellpower issue without using a hand slot.

    Wrath of Sora Kell:
    Potency +40. +2 to-hit and +2 damage

    Katra's Wit, Ring: Charisma +5, Diplomacy +10
    Teraza's Sight, Helmet: Wisdom +5, Detect Secret Doors
    Maenya's Fists, Gloves: Strength +5, Intimidate +10

    I wouldn't waste uppgraded versions on my artificer, but if you have some spares it might be nice (mainly on the helm since it grants true seeing).

    At level 15 i picked up the Beholder Plate Docent and Sustaining Symbiont. Very nice combo, the antimagic spike works very well against casters in gianthold.
    I put Solipsism (attack proc: Dazed for 6 seconds) on mine, it wasn't that good. I think reflex/will save or arcane lore is stronger.

    Beholder Plate Docent* - +5 Docent: Antimagic Spike, Telekinesis Guard, Trace of Madness, Metal Fatigue (Opuloxx chest) [ML:14, BTA]
    Sustaining Symbiont - Trinket: Greater False Life, Suppress Madness, Exceptional Constitution +1, Exceptional Fortification (10%) [ML:15, BtA]
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    Lots of good information here!

    I don't recommend putting GS on goggles or necklaces, since there's some great artificer sets from House C that require the goggles (Tinkerer's goggles and the Magewrite's spectacles, depending if you want DPS or less hate). At higher levels, the belt and boots become optional (as you have done with your boots )

    I built a GS triple pos before I TR's and have now going through 2 lives since - very, very useful. Cheaper to make than a Rad II or Lit II and does great damage, plus disrupts undead. I pair it with a Hand of the Tombs at your level, making any undead quest a breeze.

    Otherwise, yeah, your basics: disruption, smiting, holy. If you can get two effects, that's the way to go. Acid of holy, fire of pure good, or whatever. At lower levels, the 3 Barrel Cove Xbow is nice - It's a heavy with a 1-12 damage rating of acid, anarchic

    (and it's great against the VON3 bad guy - his dr is broken by chaotic weapons.
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    Why no love for the Ring of Master Artifice? Bigger self heals, proc-on-hit heals, more SP, and you can upgrade it to Craftable +3 and stick Dex or whatever stat you want on it...

    Really, if you're parked at 12 for a while, its worth it to upgrade your Cannith Challenge gear. The challenges dont take that long to get enough mats for each upgrade tier.

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    Default wow..bit of a necro but hey im only 14 now so...

    "greetings travelers, you will learn to call this place home as i have"

    Great quote and how very true! Friggin Wiz King! Stupid hireling! Stupid dag! stay out of the traps!

    Some good ideas. Sora Kel set, granted probably good for a first lifer but I dont miss much and thats too many gear spots for what i consider an unnecessary bump to hit. True seeing is easily scrolled if necessary. I have settled on the Fleshshapers Docent with a needed cosmetic skin, love the disintegrate guard.

    I would agree with goggles being a bad spot for greensteel but its what i have and im not interested in remaking either another HP or SP item. What this rig sorely needs is a torque but ill get it eventually. The ring of the artificer is going to be aquired but will wait until the level where it self repairs with the big hitter/reconstruct. Sp really isnt that much of an issue as the korthos neck, twisted tailsman and spell storing ring with artificer goodness restores a substantial amount of sp when necessary. I do however whole heartedly recommend the stalker ring...its that awesome.

    The triple positive shooter is also a good idea however my disrupter with the hand seems adequate and ive got an epic slinger waiting so im leaning toward lightn strike but still need some larges to make it happen.

    Thanks everyone for the ideas, im off to another Wiz King.

    DOH, stupid quest retaking! Need more post its.


    ive updated the op to reflect current gear choices for further discussion if any wish to comment.
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