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    Default There's a first time for everything!

    Even though I've actually been playing since 2005 (multiple accounts), this is the first time I've actually had an Ethereal Key to get into the Spectral Dragon quest in Mabar. How do you run this quest? What are you supposed to do? How does a level 7 NOT fail a raid?
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    You not-fail the raid by using the general chat to talk. You make sure there are enough people in each of the four chambers and at each of the four lever rooms before the start. You attune the altars, protect them, kill everything and pull the lever when the dragon is in the chamber below you.
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    Ok , here is the method, as i roughly understood it .
    4 altars , 4 levers : SE ,SW , NE , NW (SE , for South East , etc)
    Each must have a team.
    2 minimum for levers , 4+ for altars.

    Altars teams :
    Gargoyles spawn and attack them , you gotta keep them at bay and slay them before they destroy the altars.
    You beat on Eternity (the spectral dragon) when it appears in your room , near altar if possible ,since i believe the light will damage it.Or not.I am not sure.
    Well it doesnt matter.
    Protect the altar ,beat the dragon.

    Levers teams :
    Keep lever on at all time.Dont ask where dragon is ,it doesnt matter : keep the lever on.
    Levers light the altars.
    Gargoyles will spawn to use levers and switch off the lights.

    Tips :
    + Use the general channel when entering , everybody communicate that way.
    While the chamber is prepared ask all team to report like that :
    "all teams report plz
    -lever SE ready (if you are ready , say it)
    -Room NW need more people, or need healer " (if you are not ,say it ,and say why )
    Once all rooms and levers are covered , and all the altars are prepped , you are ready.
    Peopel HAVE TO DO THAT , or its auto fail.
    That event is about teamwork: Solo players are not useful. Worse ,they are a problem.

    + You can invite the people of your room/lever team in a group ,it helps for few things like healing ,but remember to speak in general channel for important info.

    + Firewalls and other AOEs are good spells to get aggro from gargoyles and prevent them to reach altars or levers.

    + Some spells create lag.If usually its not important ,here it must be limited to the strict minimum.
    Summons can be very useful ,but they may generate lag ,however , its not sure.

    Hope it helps you.

    And yes ,btw ,its hard for low levels ,because usually ,tehy are not yet trained in group tactics like higher levels are.
    And that is the difficulty : Epic teams are often auto win since most of the people know their class and how a group works, even a little.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vermentto View Post
    Keep lever on at all time.Dont ask where dragon is ,it doesnt matter : keep the lever on.
    That's fine if you want constant gargoyles and complete crippling slideshow lag. Keeping unnecessary lights on only increases gargoyle waves spawns and lag. The light only needs to be on in the room the dragon is attacking.

    Having been in both types of groups over the course of 3 years, including one where your guild was massed in number at the NE altar last night, The lag is greatly decreased when only necessary levers are pulled.

    I'm not saying it doesn't work, it is actually better for motes since the gargoyles drop collectibles, but it just tends to be a much smoother run with minimal / no slideshow when levers are pulled only when needed.
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    Also, join the raid asap. Do not wait until the five minute mark. Having enough people is entirely essential on this one, and the instances with enough people are generally the ones that form first.
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