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    Default The Mournlands Private Preview Program

    Hello! This post might look familiar to you. It is similar to one made a couple years ago by 404Error. Unfortunately, 404Error has moved on to other things, and I will be managing Mournlands as well as Lamannia. I have made some changes to the section on applying to participate in the Mournlands Private Preview Program, namely: Please PM SqueakofDoom (any PMs to 404Error will get lost in an abyss!)

    The Mournlands Private Preview Program is accepting new applications!

    What Mournlands is:

    Much like a Beta Program, the Mournlands Program is specifically focused on previewing content that is scheduled to be released in future updates of DDO Unlimited! Run by members of the DDO Quality Assurance (QA) Team, this program invites real players like you to come onto our private server and help us give this content a good first look by non-Turbine eyes. Your participation can help us iron out gameplay kinks (and even find bugs), helping us create a more polished and enjoyable game experience for all.

    Mournlands is an excellent place for early feedback on upcoming content. Why do you think it's fun? Why isn't it fun? Do you think it enhances the game? Breaks it? All your feedback will be read and compiled to be considered while the content is still in development with the goal of making the game the most optimal for Live release.

    Remember, Mournlands is not the same as the public preview server Lamannia! Mournlands is an invitation-only server and participants must abide by a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

    Things to Consider Before Applying:

    Spare time - Participation in the Private Preview Program should enhance your DDO experience, not replace it. If real life obligations or hobbies take up the majority of your spare time, the Private Preview Program may not be right for you.

    Providing Feedback – Do you get a sense of accomplishment by reporting bugs or participating in forum feedback? Even if the suggestions you make or the feedback you give is not directly acted upon or implemented, you should be able to feel you have contributed just the same.

    Interaction - Do you enjoy posting to the forums and having active discussions with your fellow players? Forum posting is a huge part of Mournlands. If you are uncomfortable posting to forums, again the Private Preview Program may not be right for you.

    Requirements of the Mournlands Private Preview Program:
    • Must have a Premium or VIP account with Dungeons & Dragons Online: Menace of the Underdark
    • Must be at least 18 years of age
    • Must have a clean forum and game history
    • Must be able to interact with the community in a mature and constructive manner
    • Must be able to communicate well through forum posts and bug reports
    • You must accept the terms of the Private Preview Program Non-Disclosure Agreement, the full contents of which will be provided during the registration process should you be accepted to the program.

    If you think the Mournlands Private Preview Program is right for you, we encourage you to apply! Here's how:

    Send a PM to SqueakofDoom here on the DDO forums. In this PM, please include the following information:
    • Your Forum name associated with your account (the name that displays on these boards)
    • Your Username for DDO (this is the account name you use to log in to the DDO launcher). Note: Please only provide ONE account. If you have multiple accounts/subscriptions, please provide information for only 1 of them.
    • The email address registered to your DDO account.
    • Your full Real Name (please do not provide nicknames)
    • An explanation why you would like to participate in the preview program. This can be a summary of why you enjoy the game, what kind of bugs you've filed in the past, what kind of forum posting history you have, or any other way you think you can contribute to the program.

    • Note: Send this information via PM only. Please do not apply through this thread or post your account information/name in the thread for the security of your account!

    If you are accepted to the program, you will receive an email with instructions on how to get started. Remember: shh it’s a secret! If you are accepted in the program, do not tell others about it. Telling others that you have been accepted into Mournlands will be automatic grounds for your dismissal from the program. Just follow the instructions in your email if you are selected.

    Due to the number of applications we get, we will not be sending responses to those we do not accept. We appreciate your understanding with this policy, and thank you for your interest in the program.

    Please understand the Mournlands Program is run completely by Quality Assurance, and the Community Team and Customer Service cannot assist you with applications. Please submit all applications to SqueakofDoom via PM following the instructions. Failure to do so can delay or jeopardize your opportunity to be accepted into the program. If you have any questions, feel free to post to this thread.

    We look forward to hearing from you, and good luck!

    The Mournlands Private Preview Program Team
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